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Automatic Transfer Switch Inspection Checklist

Your generator’s automatic transfer switch is the linchpin that ensures your generator runs smoothly during outages. Hence, your transfer switch must be in perfect condition for your generator to work properly. Routine inspections can help keep your automatic transfer switches in working condition and take care of faults. Your generator maintenance service providers can inspect your transfer switch during regular inspections. 

If you want to conduct a DIY inspection, here is what you need to look for. 

Exterior visual inspection

The easiest way to check whether your transfer switch is in working condition is to look for apparent signs of damage. Check if there are any broken lines or signs of burning on the unit. If there is, you need to replace the damaged parts immediately. 

During your visual inspection, crosscheck the values given on the information nameplate on the ATS. If the values such as current, voltage, and interrupting don’t match, you need professional help. 

Check for moisture

The next thing you need to check when inspecting your transfer switch is accumulated moisture. If you notice dampness, avoid turning your generator on. Doing so can lead to short circuits and other damage; therefore, fix the source of moisture before you use your generator again. 

Signs of excessive heating

Excessive heating happens when your generator runs for long in hot temperatures. The common signs of excessive heating include deformities, discoloration, damage to contacts, and cracks in the wiring. If you notice these signs in your transfer switch, it is best to call a professional generator service in Omaha

Dust removal

Dust build-up on the transfer switch and other parts of your generator can affect the functioning of your generator. During your routine inspection, remove any dirt and debris from your transfer switch using a vacuum cleaner. Don’t try to clean the internal parts of the transfer switch. Only a professional technician should do it. They use suitable materials and clean the interior elements without damaging anything. 

Check for corrosion

Another common sign of damage you should look for during your routine inspection is corrosion in your contacts. A minimal amount of corrosion is acceptable. However, if it becomes more evident, you may have to replace the connections or even the transfer switch. 

Call for professionals

Maintaining your transfer switch is essential to ensure that your generator can easily switch from the main supply and backup power. Without it, your generator won’t know when to stop supplying backup power. So, it must be adequately maintained. Call professional generator maintenance services if you cannot make time in your busy schedule to do routine inspections. They can do regular checks and also fix any damages right away. It ensures that you don’t run out of power in case of emergencies. 

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