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Common Generator Problems – And How to Avoid Them

Home generators become essential home equipment if you live in a region where power outages are standard. They keep your appliances and heating ‌running and prevent many problems in the house. However, generators are also pieces of machinery with limits, and they might start giving you trouble after some time. Maintaining your generators can help you avoid these troubles. 

Here, we give you a list of common generator problems and tips to avoid them. 

Battery failure

Battery malfunction is usually the result of dirt build-up in the terminals connecting the battery to the generator. If you clean the terminals at regular intervals, you can avoid this problem. A loose connection or turning off the battery can also cause battery malfunction. 

Both these issues can easily be fixed by tightening the connections and turning on the power switch of the battery. If these tips don’t help, call a professional to check your generator’s battery. 

Coolant leaks

Another prevalent generator issue ‌homeowners face is the leakage of coolant from the generators. It can happen due to increased temperatures and excessive usage. Usually, the coolant hoses are the first to tear up and start leaking. Replacing the coolant hoses every few years can take care of the problem. 

Low fuel levels

Most generators run on a fuel source like natural gas or petroleum. If you don’t maintain the minimum fuel level in your generator, it may not run at all. Running your generator without sufficient fuel can break down the entire unit. So ensure that the fuel levels are adequate every time you run your generator. 

Insufficient oil levels

One rarely thinks about checking the oil levels of their generators, which can lead to various troubles down the road. Running your generator without proper oil can permanently damage your generator’s engine. To prevent that from happening, check the oil level in your generator. Also, conduct an oil dip check like you’d do for your car to ensure that the oil is clean. The oil should not be sluggish and dark. If it is, you need to change it immediately. 

Dirty air filters

Generators have air filters that prevent contaminants like dirt and debris from entering the generator. However, the air filters get dirty over time, and if you don’t change them, your generators will get damaged‌. So check your generator’s air filter at routine intervals and if they look dirty on both sides, replace them. 

Closed shutoff valve 

It is recommended to turn off the shutoff valve in your generator when it is not in use for an extended period. However, a common mistake people make is forgetting to turn it back on when starting the generator again. As a result, the generator won’t start. Therefore, always ensure that you turn the shutoff valve on before using your generator. 

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