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Continuous vs. Standby vs. Prime – Generator Ratings Explained

When buying a generator for your home or office, you need to consider several factors, such as energy requirements, price, maintenance costs, and installation charges. However, many owners are unaware of one aspect they should absolutely consider when buying a generator: generator ratings. Generator ratings determine how much power a specific generator can produce without getting damaged. 

Here we lay down the three generator ratings you should know and which one you should opt for. 

Standby generators

A standby generator, as the name suggests, is a temporary replacement for the main power for some time. They are used for emergencies when the main power supply shuts off, and you need backup power. Standby generators can be used anywhere, including homes, offices, and other commercial properties. 

The amount of time a standby generator can run depends on the power of the generators, but running them for more than their determined hours can damage them significantly. 

They are often used in places where a power cut can disrupt the entire working of the site, such as hospitals, data centers, and homes in areas with regular power cuts. 

Prime power generators

Prime power generators are designed to work as the primary power source in a location. Hence, they are meant to work for the long term and are often used to derive variable power load over time. They are mostly used in places where a power source isn’t available, and people need to establish the main power source. 

For example, remote industrial sites such as mines, rock cruising plants, and oil and gas operations. These sites are often far from civilization and don’t have power lines, so businesses rely on prime & commercial power generators in these places. 

Continuous generators

Continuous generators are very similar to prime power generators, designed to run for long durations without stopping. However, one significant difference between these generates is that continuous generators cannot offer a variable amount of power. 

They provide a consistent amount of energy from start to end. Like prime power generators, they are also best for remote locations but only those requiring a continuous power supply for long durations. 

Which is the best option for you?

Standby generators are the best choice for residential homes as they have alternate power supply and only need generators when there is a power outage or other emergencies. When buying a generator, you should consider other factors apart from ratings. These include:

  • Whether to opt for a single-phase or three-phase system?
  • Whether to opt for diesel or gas generators?
  • How long should the generator run? 
  • Is there a customized solution that can meet multiple needs? 

If you still feel confused, you can consult professionals like Nebraska Generator Service LLC for an expert opinion. 

About Nebraska Generator Service LLC

If you are looking for a generator rental in Omaha, Gibbon, or the Nebraska region, Nebraska Generator Service LLC is your one-stop solution. Our generator services include remote monitoring and emergency service calls, maintenance, and repairs. You can schedule a free assessment today by filling out our online contact form. Contact us at (402)800-0748 to know more.

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