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Generator Installation: Benefits, Costs, and Procedure

If you’re dealing with frequent power outages, getting a standby home generator can help you tackle the power outage issues. However, buying a new home generator involves significant costs. So you must decide only after careful consideration. There are several things one must consider before purchasing a generator. Knowing the benefits, installation process, and expenses can help you make a wise choice.

Here is everything you need to know about getting a standby generator for your home. 

Benefits of having a generator

Having a home generator has several benefits, especially during heavy storms and other natural disasters when the power outage can last for days. Some significant benefits include:

  • Keeps essential electrical equipment running—including refrigerators—that keep your food fresh and prevent your medicines from getting spoilt. 
  • Ensures that your home remains heated if there is an outage during winters. 
  • Helps you keep important appliances like the home security system, water heater, and other gadgets such as phones, laptops, and computers, running. 

Working of the standby generator

Standby generators run on natural gas and are connected to your home’s power grid. There is also a battery that stores electricity to prevent the generator from stalling in case the fuel runs out.

Installation process

Installation of a standby home generator is a complex procedure that is best left to professionals. At Nebraska Generators, we specifically deal in installing such complex home and commercial generators

We start by inspecting your home and finding out the best location to install your generator. Once the perfect spot is found, the next step is to get it ready by graveling the area with concrete slabs. After the machinery is set up atop it, we connect fuel lines to the unit, and finally, the unit to the power grid. 

Cost of getting a generator

The cost of getting a generator varies depending on the size of the unit you would need, which would depend on your energy requirements. You should also consider the installations costs. Usually, the cost of installation is almost equal to the unit’s price. You can always ask for an estimate from your installation company. 

When considering the cost, also factor in the maintenance cost of your generators. Most installation companies offer annual maintenance services. There are also emergency services you can opt for if your generators shut down abruptly. 

Peace of mind

The benefits of a standby home generator usually outweigh the cons or the costs of getting one. With a generator, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe and protected during power outages, storms, and other disasters. 

About Nebraska Generator Service LLC

If you are looking for a place to buy or rent a generator for your home in the Nebraska region, Nebraska Generator Service LLC should be your one-stop solution. Our services include generator remote monitoring system and emergency service calls, maintenance, and repairs. You can schedule a free assessment today by filling out our online contact form. Contact us at (402)800-0748 for any questions.

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