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5 Generator Mistakes That Can Leave You in The Dark or Worse

Generators have become essential electrical equipment in many residential and commercial properties since it is hard to survive without power for long in today’s world. However, you would be surprised to know that generators are also dangerous consumer products that take around 70 lives a year in the United States and cause even more injuries. Most of these accidents happen due to neglecting some essential safety measures and generator maintenance tips.

You should avoid five such generator mistakes to prevent accidents and health hazards. 

Running the generator too close to your house

If you have a standby generator, ensure ‌you install it at least 2 feet away from your home and at least 5 feet away from your doors and windows. Any closer than that, you risk exposure to poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. If you have a portable generator, keep it away from your doors and windows. Never run a portable generator in an enclosed space such as the garage. 

Using old extension cords

Most people set up a new generator but don’t bother buying new extension cords that connect the generator to the home power inlet. However, the chances of an overused extension cord burning due to increased load and causing a short circuit and fire in your home are very high.  

Connecting the generator directly to the service panel

Your service panel parts, such as ranges and cooling systems, don’t have a connection outlet, so you would be tempted to directly connect the generator to the service panel. However, one should never do that as there is a significant risk of the excess flowing back to the power line when the power comes back again, endangering the utility workers.

Not having fuel at the ready 

Most of the time, power outages occur during heavy storms and other natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. It is essential to have some fuel as a backup for your portable generators in such situations. Most portable generators run on gasoline, diesel fuel, or propane, so keep them handy. Stationary generators ‌run on natural gas and are connected to your gas pipeline. Running your generator without sufficient fuel and proper oil can damage it. 

Ignoring regular maintenance

Like every other machinery, generators also need regular maintenance to function efficiently. If you hire a professional generator installation company to install your generator, they will explain the DIY care you need to do. They will also suggest generator preventative maintenance plans that offer professional maintenance services every six months or annually. 

Don’t skip these maintenance routines to ensure that your generator is working correctly. They also prevent any minimal damages from becoming major problems. 

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