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6 Important Steps For Proper Maintenance of Diesel generators

Diesel generators are among the most popular options in the market today. They have various benefits, such as high power output and low maintenance requirements. However, like every other piece of equipment, diesel generators also require regular maintenance to stay in good condition. Knowing these maintenance steps can help you keep your diesel generator running perfectly. 

Read on to learn the proper maintenance steps for diesel generators.

Lubrication service

The engine oil is the first thing you must check during your generator maintenance routine. Use a dipstick to check the engine oil and determine the oil viscosity and API oil classification per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep the oil levels as full as possible and use the same brand and quality of oil every time. Lubrication reduces the friction in the engine and helps it run smoothly. 

Cooling system

The next thing you should check is the cooling system of your generator. If the cooling system does not work, the engine may heat up and lead to severe damage.  Check whether the generator has sufficient coolant levels by opening the radiator cap. Remove any dirt or obstruction you see on the radiator and the fins carefully using a soft cloth. 

Fuel system

Diesel gets contaminated within an year if not used. Therefore, running your generator regularly is highly recommended to prevent diesel corrosion and contamination. You should drain and clean the fuel filters regularly to ensure that the fuel remains clean. If you don’t use the fuel in the generator within six months, replace it. 

Testing batteries

Weak batteries are a common cause of failed generator systems. You must keep the batteries fully charged and maintained to ensure they run correctly. You should also clean the batteries with a damp cloth whenever you notice dirt buildup on them. Using a battery hydrometer, you should also check the gravity of the electrolyte in each battery cell. Their levels should be under the specified levels. If they are above that, batteries need to be replaced. Also, check the electrolyte levels in your battery. 

Exercise the engine

Even if you may not need the generator, running it for some time at regular intervals is a good practice. Doing so keeps the lubrication in the engine and keeps the generator in good condition for extended periods. 

Keep your generator clean 

One of the best maintenance practices to keep your generator in good condition is to keep it clean. Inspect any oil leaks and check whether the belts and hoses are in good condition. 

If you feel that all these maintenance tasks are beyond you, it is best to call professionals like the Nebraska Generator Service, for maintenance and repairs of your diesel generator. 

About Nebraska Generator Service LLC

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