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ASCO SERIES 300 Dual Purpose Quick Connect Power Panel

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The SERIES 300 Dual-Purpose Quick Connect Power Panel is the singular solution for connecting load banks for testing and providing “backup-for-the-backup” according to NEC 700.3 requirements. These Load Bank Docking Stations are available in models ranging from 150 to 4000 Amps, they are designed to provide years of trouble-free service.



Dual Purpose Panels are ETL Listed to UL 891 Standards

Utilizes standard Series 16 Single Pole quick connect receptacles

Standard Accessories include phase rotation monitor, auto start destination switch and terminal block for engine start connection & Load Dump Receptacle

Castell D-Lok mounted on lower housing door preventing access to Portable generator camlocks when permanent Generator is in use

Disconnect Breaker with K-Bolt interlock provided on 150A-800A Wall mounted units

800A-4000A Pad Mount models ship with a second K-Bolt to mount on the job site’s permanent generator


Provides a convenient, economical, and reliable means of connecting an alternate power source and a load bank to a power distribution system

Standard Aluminum Type 3R enclosure is weatherproof with or without cables connected.

Available in a stainless-steel enclosure option for corrosive environments

Together with an ATS, permanent and portable generator meets NEC article 700.3(F)


Banking, Financial and Insurance

Broadcast and Entertainment

Construction and Engineering

Data Center/Colocation/Hosting






Oil and Gas

Power Generation