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Pros and Cons of Industrial Diesel Generators

Generators are handy in any commercial property as they keep your data systems and other crucial equipment running in case of power outages. You come across multiple options when choosing an industrial generator for your factory or office premises. The best way to choose is to compare the pros and cons of the generators and pick the one that provides the most value for money. 

Here we give you the pros and cons of industrial diesel generators to make an informed decision. 

Pros of industrial diesel generators

  1. Low maintenance: The most prominent benefit of using a diesel generator is that you don’t have to worry too much about breakdowns and maintenance. They are highly reliant and require minimal maintenance, saving time and energy. 
  2. Fuel efficiency: With an increasing rate of petroleum products, fuel efficiency is a significant concern whenever you buy a generator for your office. Industrial diesel generators offer better fuel efficiency than most other generators, utilizing less fuel to produce energy. 
  3. Safe storage: Diesel generators are far safer to store when not used than other fuel generators, such as gasoline. Diesel is less prone to catch fire if it spills than gasoline; that’s highly combustible. 
  4. Enhanced lifespan: Diesel generators have a much longer lifespan than other industrial generators as they are made of sturdy materials. They can run for a very long time with timely maintenance and care, so it is like a long-term investment for you. 
  5. Continuous power supply: Diesel generators can handle load more efficiently than other generators and provide a steady power supply for long durations. Doing so doesn’t affect their power-generating capacity, and they can produce better power output than most gas-run generators. 

Cons of Industrial diesel generators

While diesel-powered generators have multiple fantastic benefits, it is not without flaws. Some of the most prominent ones include:

  1. Noise: They make a lot of noise, so if you want a serene environment, they are not the best option. Or you will have to place them in space away from your office building, so the noise doesn’t carry. 
  2. Costs: The purchase and installation charges of diesel generators are higher than other generators.
  3. Emissions: One of the significant disadvantages of diesel generators is the high level of CO2 emissions they make while running. They are often installed outdoors, causing a lot of air pollution. If you want an environmentally friendly option, diesel generators are not the best. 
  4. Bulk: Diesel generators are made with highly sturdy materials, and that’s why they last longer. However, this also makes them bulky and expensive to repair if a part gets damaged. They are also not portable easily for the same reasons.

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