RS20AE Generator

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Generator Make: Cummins

Generator Model: RS20AE Ext. Cold

Part #: A062E512



Cummins Quiet Connect Series – RS20AE


The all-new Cummins RS20AE is a 20kW emergency standby gas generator that will power your 5-ton air conditioner, security system, and all other home appliances when grid power fails. Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires bring down power lines and you need a reliable source of power to keep the day running as usual. This unit includes an extreme cold weather kit for the winter weather.  This air-cooled model runs on LP and natural gas. During a power outage, run it for as long as it takes for grid power to get restored to the neighborhood. There is no need for refueling when you run it on natural gas.

Technical Specifications & Downloads:

RS20AE Specifications/Warranty Sheet