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Load Bank Testing

We test generators to make sure they’re in compliance with health care codes and NFPA 110 guidelines.

Transfer Switch Inspection

A switch-gear operator must always be on the lookout for dangerous conditions that could cause equipment failure.

Remote Monitoring 

You need to know your backup generators will work during a power outage without having to visit them yourself.

Generator Preventative Maintenance

Keep your generator in peak condition with regular maintenance and inspections.


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Remote monitoring allows
you to keep an eye on your
operations or assets in real-time,
from anywhere with an internet

Remote Monitoring

When you choose to install a generator or ATS, we offer remote monitoring systems that will make sure your mind is at ease. Our system uses LTE cellular and satellite based systems that can accessed via phone or computer at any time. Notifications will be sent straightaway to you as well as our NGS service team who is always on standby just in case something goes wrong!

This system is the perfect way to keep your generator running smoothly and efficiently. Whether it’s during an exercise or if there were any problems with its operation, we’ll be able help you out quickly!

How we work

Principles & Steps of Working with Energium Awesome Team


Prepare Project

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Accompanying Docs

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Location Exploration

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Equipment Installation

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