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Signs Your Generator May Need Repair or Servicing

Generators are an essential appliance in your home when there are power blackouts during storms. However, without proper maintenance, your generator can get damaged, causing you trouble during emergencies. Identifying the warning signs early on can prevent further damage and enhance your generator’s life. Some of these signs are very apparent, while others require a keener eye. 

Here are five distinct signs your generator needs a repair or service.

Visible damage

Visible signs like pulled-out wires, broken cords, or rusting seem like the most obvious confirmation of the damage. However, some homeowners ignore them and wait till the generator fully shuts down before calling for maintenance services. However, they often fail to realize that neglecting such signs can lead to further damage, forcing you to entirely replace the generator.

Start-up delays

If you are having trouble turning on your generator quickly, it is a clear sign your generator has some internal issue. In such cases, the most common culprit is old or bad fuel developing sludge and preventing your generator from starting up. The most straightforward fix in such cases is to replace the fuel filter.

However, you should call a professional to look as they can look for any underlying issues that may be causing the problem.

Inconsistent power supply

Generators, once turned on, should provide a consistent power supply until the power comes back up or the fuel is finished. If the power keeps fluctuating even when the generator is constantly on, it is another sign of internal damage. If it is happening with your generator, get it checked by a professional.

The generator is running but not providing power

If you notice that you have turned on the generator, but the equipment and appliances in your house are still not running. In such cases, it is best to turn off the generator and call a technician to help you. It usually happens when there is a problem with the breakers, and it is dangerous to try any DIY fixes, so it is best to call the experts.

Strange noises or smells

If you notice any strange smells around your generator, it is a significant concern as it can indicate fuel or gas leaks that can lead to a house fire. Therefore, call emergency services and get your generator fixed as soon as possible.  

Another common sign of damage is strange noises such as humming, squeaking, or groaning, which can happen due to many reasons, such as loose parts or an overworked generator. A technician can diagnose the actual cause and fix it in such cases.

The generator was not used for over six months.

If you have not used your generator for over six months, it is best to get it serviced before you use it again. That way, you can ensure that nothing is wrong, and you can safely use the generator next time power runs out.

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